Lexington – Brushy Hill Loop

A popular short loop, this nine-mile ride is good for when you are up for a challenge but don't have much time. There is a short meander through farmland and pasture, with pretty vistas along Union Run and Spring Valley.



A popular short loop, this 9 mile ride starts and ends at the public parking lot adjacent to Trinity United Methodist Church.

There are many restaurants in the vicinity. You ride northwest through Lexington, then leave town behind as you climb the flanks of Brushy Hill on Ross Road. There’s a short meander through farmland and pasture, with pretty vistas along Union Run Creek and down Spring Valley, then it is back toward town along the northern side of Brushy Hill on Enfield Road.

This is a good ride when you are up for a challenge but don’t have much time.


This is an intermediate ride due to the amount of climbing. There are several hilltops to climb and while short they are in spots steep.

Maintain care while passing through downtown Lexington.

Also, it is often the case that loose gravel from adjacent driveways will spill out on the roadways in the county, so use extra care while descending.

What will I see?

This short loop encompasses many of the features one can expect to find in Rockbridge County – from the busy streets of a small city to deserted country roads; hill climbs to flat valley sprints; and finally alternating between dense forest to wide open windy pastures, often accompanied by an unexpectedly brilliant vista.


115 S. Jefferson St. Lexington, VA 24450


There is a public parking lot on the left, across the street from Salerno Wood Fired Pizza & Taphouse.

Route Direction

The route is laid out in a clockwise direction. It can be ridden counterclockwise, heading out Enfield and returning on Ross.

Facilities on Route

Once out of downtown Lexington there are no facilities on route.

Map, Directions & Cue Sheet (Ride with GPS)

Insider's Tips

After the ride, refuel at Salernos with a hot pizza and a draft beer or grab a beer and wafflewich at Brew Ridge Taps.