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The Maury River begins and ends in Rockbridge County. Scenic and sometimes wild, the Maury roars to life in spring, tempting kayakers with a thrilling six-mile romp through the gorge at Goshen Pass. With two Class IV rapids – Devils Kitchen and Corner Rapid – this seasonal run, which ends at Rockbridge Baths, is Virginia's most challenging whitewater. It's typically runnable from March to June.

Virginia’s largest river, the James, flows through Rockbridge and offers a wide variety of activities such as tubing, canoeing, kayaking, fishing and overnight camping trips. Wildlife abounds on shore and on the water, and lucky visitors might spot the occasional bald eagle overhead.

Paddling trips have been assigned a scale of river difficulty. Minimize risks by choosing trips appropriate to your skill level. For additional information, visit American Whitewater.
Class I: Easy
Class II: Novice
Class III: Intermediate
Class IV: Advanced

Paddling trips are best enjoyed with the support of local outfitters who provide expert advice, equipment rental and shuttle service. If you’re bringing your own canoe or kayak, there are numerous public access points in Rockbridge County with free parking.

Public Access Points

1. Goshen Pass (Rt. 39) Many access points to the Maury River off Rt. 39.
2. Rockbridge Baths (Rt. 39) Several good roadside access points, particularly behind the Country Store.
3. Jordan's Point Park (North Main Street, Lexington) Good access to the Maury River, just below the dam.
4. Ben Salem Wayside (Rt. 60) Roadside access to the Maury River with picnic areas, halfway between Lexington and Buena Vista (R-26)
5. Stuartsburg Road (Rt. 703) Roadside access to the Maury River about three miles east of Lexington.
6. Buena Vista (Rt. 60 Bridge) - Access to the Maury River under the bridge, via Rt. 608.
7. Glen Maury Park, well maintained access along the Maury River in the City of Buena Vista.
8. Glasgow Landing (Jarvis Trail - off Rt. 130 in Glasgow) Good launch point just beneath the railroad (R-43)

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