Skyline Stargazing at Natural Bridge State Park

September 14, 2021 - December 04, 2021

5:00 pm

Natural Bridge State Park
6477 S. Lee Highway
Natural Bridge, VA 24578


This year Natural Bridge State Park will allow extended access to the Skyline Trail leading up to Jefferson Point for stargazing. This trail features several elevated locations with low horizons for an unimpeded view. Dates for extended access are chosen based on their proximity to new moons, major lunar events, and astronomical events like meteor showers. Parking fees still apply and optical devices, like telescopes and binoculars, must be carried under your own power on the trail. Please be courteous and maintain social distancing.

  • (New Moon): 9/7/21, 5pm-11:45pm
  • (Neptune at Opposition): 9/14/21, 5pm-11:45pm
  • (New Moon): 10/6/21, 5pm-11:45pm
  • (Draconid Meteor Shower): 10/7/21, 5pm-11:45pm
  • (Venus at Greatest Eastern Elongation): 10/29/21, 5pm-11:45pm
  • (New Moon): 11/4/21, 5pm-11:45pm
  • (Uranus at Opposition): 11/5/21, 5pm-11:45pm
  • (New Moon): 12/4/21, 5pm-11:45pm

Don't forget! Enjoy an after-dark stroll along the illuminated Cedar Creek Trail and under the Natural Bridge. Luminary Nights at Natural Bridge State Park run two weekends in December: 12/10/21–12/12/21 AND 12/17/21–12/19/21 from 5pm-9pm. Horse drawn carriage rides run each Sunday night with reservations required!

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