Castle Rock

Castle Rock is the best climbing area in Goshen and also one of the hardest to access. Easily visible up to the right when you first enter the pass, Castle Rock offers great views and serious exposure climbing. To get there you must wade the Maury River.



Castle Rock Left
This sandstone is in better condition than Castle Rock Right and is not to be missed by serious climbers. The hardest climb in Goshen is Devil’s Cabana Boy to Disco Stu.

Type: Trad
Approximate height: 40-100 feet

Castle Rock Right
This sandstone is fractured and weathered compared to Castle Rock Left, but includes better views and an easier climb.

Type: Trad or Top rope
Approximate height: 30-100 feet

Driving Directions

From the Lexington Visitor Center, drive west on Washington Street to a right onto Main Street (US-11 Business). Continue driving north on US-11 for approximately two miles. Turn left onto VA-39 W/ Maury River Road. You will arrive to Goshen Pass after 11.7 miles. The first pull off on the left in Goshen Pass provides the best access directly across from the approach.

There are some indications of a path but the best approach is up the gully that extends between the two cliffs down to the river.


Insider's Tip

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