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Gov. McAuliffe Accepts Deed to Natural Bridge

NATURAL BRIDGE, Va. (May 12, 2014)
- ROCKBRIDGE CO., Va. - Natural Bridge is closer to becoming a state park.

Governor Terry McAuliffe accepted the deed to the property Monday afternoon.

This very unique bridge has been owned by the Indians, Thomas Jefferson and the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its beauty is like no other, and our nation's founding fathers would agree. Natural Bridge had been privately owned for years and is now in the hands of Virginia.

"When you turn that corner and you see that Natural Bridge there, just the idea this is Virginia, this is history," McAuliffe said.

It's history that will be preserved for future generations to see. McAuliffe says if it was sold privately, there would have been a risk, which could have resulted in the bridge not being open to the public. But that's not the case now, thanks to man Angelo Puglisi.

"To able to bring your families here to come and walk here at the Natural Bridge is really something special, and that's why we honored him here today," McAuliffe said.

Puglisi had the option to sale Natural Bridge and its amenities for a profit but that wasn't what he had in mind. "This is something that's got to be preserved, no doubt," Puglisi said. Puglisi says he feels relief knowing that the property is going into good hands.

Support gathered from both sides of the political aisle for this historic day. The Virginia Conservation Fund recently took over ownership of the landmark. It will eventually become Natural Bridge State Park.

The Virginia Conservation Legacy Fund, Inc. is a nonprofit organization which seeks to conserve Virginia's natural resources for public access and enjoyment. Its work in preserving and restoring wildlife habitat is also designed to create economic activity through the recreational and mixed use of Virginia's forests and open spaces. VCLF is a member of the Kissito, Inc. portfolio of companies. Kissito is a 25-year old Roanoke, Virginia-based, nonprofit charity working both domestically and internationally in health, aging, nutrition, natural resources, and human development. VCLF and Kissito seek to blend these three disciplines of health, nutrition and natural environment to improve the quality of life for the people of Virginia while sustaining natural resources.

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