Farms & Gardens

Farm-to-table chefs in Lexington have it pretty darn good. Dozens of small farms dot the surrounding countryside, and a hometown butcher shop processes locally grown beef and lamb. Micro-seasons keep the local produce selection fresh and diverse year-round.

Farm Visits

What does this mean for visitors? At Virginia Gold Orchard it means free samples of sweet and juicy Asian pears. For a taste, stop by during harvest season, which runs from mid-August until the first frost. Bring a picnic, wander the orchard, buy some pear marmalade, and browse the many varieties of pears. Pears have been carefully cultivated here for 24 years.

Rockbridge County is also an agritourism destination where visitors will discover the homegrown side of the Shenandoah Valley. On the Fields of Gold Farm Trail, you can pick your own fruit in one of the orchards, stroll through a farmers’ market, savor a wine tasting, tour a working farm, celebrate at a farm festival, or feast on a locally-grown meal at one of our farm-to-table restaurants.

Country Stores & Farmers Markets

No time for a farm visit? Stop by Layne's Country Store, home to fresh produce, country-cured ham, old-fashioned candies, and countless jams. For fruit and vegetables straight from the field, join the floppy-hatted farmers at the Lexington Farmer's Market in downtown Lexington on Wednesday mornings 8am-noon, the Glasgow Farmers Market on Fridays 11am-4pm and Saturdays 10am-2pm, the Rockbridge Baths Framers Market Saturdays 9am-noon held at the outdoor pavilion at the RB Fire Department, and the Kerrs creek Local Community Market Saturdays 9am-5pm at Heart Burn Farm.

Historic Farms

If there's a history buff in your car, beeline to McCormick's Farm. Inside the farm's blacksmith shop, Cyrus McCormick invented the mechanical reaper, which could harvest grain more quickly and efficiently than a team of farmers. His invention, patented in 1834, revolutionized farming and kick-started the industrial age. Down the road, check out Wade's Mill, a 1750s working flour mill with a towering water wheel. Visitors can purchase stone-ground grains and poke around the grounds.

Boxerwood Nature Center & Woodland Garden

We're not exactly sure how to describe Boxerwood Nature Center & Woodland Garden, a 15-acre horticultural wonderland where whimsy, education, and 2,500 species of trees collide. Your inner six-year-old – and your real six-year old – will find it pretty darn cool. The Play Trail, with its mud kitchen and forts, will entrap inquisitive youngsters for hours. And if you see a mailbox on the grounds, open it.

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