Devils and Dogs: Lexington’s Beer and Outdoor Delights

Virginia’s number one beer producer and most award-winning brewery crafts the lion’s share of its beer in Lexington. Perhaps you’ve heard of Devils Backbone Outpost Brewery & Tap Room? The Outpost is the workhorse, producing 60,000 barrels in 2015 and welcoming nearly 3,000 beer enthusiasts annually for production tours.

Lexington is also home to Blue Lab Brewing Company, an intimate small-scale brewery with five standards and 11 seasonal suds to keep you coming back for more. Flavored with local tradition and products in mind, Blue Lab is a quintessential hometown hangout that gives the community a generous nod. A simple glance at their beer recipes say enough. Backyard-grown hops? Yep. Volunteer fire department apple butter? Uh-huh. Locally-roasted coffee? Oh yeah. The Lab is local and lovin’ it.

--- Blue Lab is temporarily closed for relocation. ---

After you’ve taken a flight or two through both brewery’s taps, it’s time to explore Lexington’s outdoors. Downtown parks and trails are a delight with the Maury River as a focal point and draw for paddlers, floaters, and anglers. Meandering out in whichever direction you choose, however, will deliver swimming holes like Goshen Pass, incredible views from places like House Mountain, and truly memorable excursions like Devils Marbleyard.

One great thing usually leads to another, and that’s true with area breweries. Our two are a part of the dozen-strong Shenandoah Beerwerks Trail that stretches from Lexington to Harrisonburg. Kick off your adventure with us and head north to sip, savor, climb, hike, paddle, and do whatever it is that you love to do. Cheers to you and your adventures!

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