Dave Walsh

Sometimes referred to as the “accidental advocate,” Dave started bicycling to work as a way to reduce his carbon footprint. He since served as a Board member of the Virginia Bicycle Federation, the Rockbridge Area Conservation Council’s Transportation Committee, and has been active in advocating for safer road markings, more bike lanes and other actions to make Virginia even MORE bicycle friendly than it already is. He is a League of American Bicyclists Certified Safety Instructor, a graduate of Adventure Cycling Association’s Leading Tours Training Program, is certified in Wilderness First Aid, and is a member of the Bicycle Tour Network Association.

Dave loves the history, the flora and fauna, the views, and the feeling after a good day’s ride. He loves sharing the sites and stories of Virginia with cyclists of all levels and ability. In a group ride, he tends to ride “sweep,” bringing up the rear while sharing information and observations about the area and the experience. Dave tends to be kind of quiet a lot of the time, but his wit and wisdom never fail to engage those he connects with.

Dave and his wife Tasha own Red Newt Bikes, a full service bicycle shop offering repairs, rentals, and routes.