Rockbridge Park Rx

Rockbridge Park Rx — Your “Nature Prescription” for better health for you and your family!

Nature is not foreign to us, but rather part of our very being

We humans have evolved over millions of years, mostly outdoors. Only in the last few decades have we transitioned to spending most of our time inside. This transition has had a negative impact on the incidence of chronic illness in both adults and children. Chronic illness such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, depression and anxiety, have decreased our overall health and well-being, and have prevented many of us from being more active and enjoying activities with our family and friends.

Time in Nature Benefits your Health

Studies show that spending time outdoors in natural settings increases physical and mental health, decreases the risk of chronic illness, and improves cognition and mood for people of all ages.

Rockbridge Park Rx helps you and your medical provider create a personal plan to access nature as part of a non-drug approach to increase health and decrease the instance of chronic illness. Ask your medical provider for a “Nature Prescription” or create one yourself!

“Nature Prescription” — your guide to better health. It’s free, easy, and tailored to you!

  • Start at your present activity level, in surroundings and at a pace that is comfortable for you.
  • Start at a park, a walking trail, or your own back yard.
  • Start simple – take a walk, plant flowers, play with your children or grandchildren, visit a park – the possibilities are endless.
  • Need suggestions of activities and places to explore in Rockbridge County? Search an online inventory at for suggestions in your area.

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