Jon Jarvis Legacy Fund

Jonathan Jarvis, National Park Service Director, is a native of Rockbridge County and grew up exploring the mountains and rivers in his back yard. “The inspiration for my work came out of the fantastic Shenandoah Valley,” Jarvis remarked in an October 2015 interview. “I climbed every mountain within sight of my house. I fished every river.” He went on to add that his love for the natural world came from his parents. “My dad was the classic outdoorsman and a patient hunter. We would go out in the woods and sit and watch the forest. After 15 or 20 minutes of sitting, the forest forgets that you are there. I can never take that for granted,” he added.

The Jon Jarvis Legacy Fund, administered with the support of Rockbridge County Schools, will provide grants to support environmental outreach programs that connect Rockbridge area youth to their public lands and instill a stewardship ethic.

As an example, funding will be made available to local teachers trained in the National Park Service/Appalachian Trail Conservancy "Trail to Every Classroom" program for field trips to use the Appalachian Trail as a living classroom.

This fund will honor Jon’s career and inspire the next generation to follow in his footsteps.