Spring Break at Natural Bridge State Park

April 20, 2019

9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Natural Bridge State Park
6477 S. Lee Highway
Natural Bridge, VA 24578

This Spring Break, take time for the natural things. At Natural Bridge State Park, our Base Camp discovery area will be open every day for explorers young and old. Visit with a ranger and our educational animals to learn a bit about what life is like at Natural Bridge. Prepare for your adventure by learning about some of the creatures and plants that call Natural Bridge home, and come back afterwards to ask any questions you have about what you saw out in the park.

Each Saturday at 11 am, we'll host a walk under the Bridge to talk about the truth behind some of the more famous stories at Natural Bridge, meeting at Cedar Creek Cafe. Then at 2 pm we'll explore a different part of the park by looking at some of the fascinating forest that surrounds the Bridge on Buck Hill Trail, meeting at the Buck Hill Trailhead.

For more information, visit the park in advance or call us at (540) 291-1330.

Family Friendly, State Park