“New Light on the Origins of the Marshall Plan” by Dr. Barry Machado

February 22, 2018

12:00 AM

George C. Marshall Museum
VMI Parade
Lexington, VA 24450

At a time when the historic legacy of Secretary of State George C. Marshall is in danger of being undone, another close look at how his remarkable accomplishments came about seems in order.

Barry Machado will share important discoveries he made while researching his new book on Marshall, The Education of an American Statesman. His insights shed light on Secretary Marshall’s central role in the inception of the European Recovery Program (ERP) as well as the creation of an Atlantic partnership and community, all of which constituted a revolution in America’s foreign policy after World War II. Dr. Machado will probe the origins and evolution of the major ideas and novel policies in Marshall’s statecraft. He will identify in the process long-standing oversights that have characterized writings on Marshall, revealing those key parts of the historical Marshall that have been either missing or indistinct in earlier accounts. He aims to give a fuller account of what made Secretary Marshall tick from 1947 until 1949.