Hurricane Camille at 50: Rockbridge History Program and Community Open Mic

August 18, 2019

2:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Parry McCluer High School
100 Bradford Road
Buena Vista, VA 24416

(540) 464-1058

On Aug.18, the Rockbridge Historical Society will host a special commemorative program for our community: 50 years to the weekend of Hurricane Camille's devastating sweep through the Rockbridge & the Blue Ridge. The program will be presented at Parry McCluer High School near the areas hardest hit here: Glasgow, South River, and the deep flooding and damage in downtown Buena Vista itself.

An opening panel includes:

*WDBJ Chief Meteorologist Brent Watts (who won an Emmy for his coverage of the area’s 1985 Floods) explaining historical changes in storm forecasting and changing storm patterns today

*Former ‘News-Gazette’ publisher, Matt Paxton, Jr, who reported on the storm in 1969, the morning after Camille hit

*Tom Camden, WLU Head of Special Collections and Natural Bridge High School student at the time, offering an overview of Camille resources and donations preserved by RHS&WLU

*Mark Jones, member of the group “Wonder,” capping the event with a special musical performance (and invitation for audience sing-along) of “The Night of the Flood:” co-written with W.R. Deacon in witness to Camille, and its tragic losses

Further advancing its mission "to preserve and promote the histories of the Rockbridge area through public programs, publications, exhibits and educational outreach," RHS then centrally invites audience participation, with a triple aim for this unique gathering to be:

MULTIGENERATIONAL: bring a child, a parent, a grandparent, for authentic remembrance, and new discoveries.

INTERACTIVE: take the opportunity to share personal witness with our roving microphone.

PURPOSEFUL IN STEWARDSHIP: browse the historic displays, photographs & scrapbooks previously donated to RHS, and consider ways to preserve and share your own family mementos, images, accounts with RHS, for generations ahead

Free and open to all ages with refreshments to follow. For more: or call 540.464.1058.

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