Brunswick Stew

12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Fairfield Rescue Squad
5885 N. Lee Highway
Fairfield, VA 24435

Come out and enjoy our Brunswick Stew. Our version is a warm, thick, and hearty tomato-based stew with veggies, chicken, a slight hint of hickory BBQ, and a blend of seasonings. While some like it spicy and some like it sweet, we cater to everyone’s taste buds. Our version served with a blend of seasonings that please the palate of those with both spicy and sweet taste buds. We also provide sugar and hot sauce for those that want a deeper flavor on either side. Our stew is slow-cooked in a cast-iron pot over a flame and is constantly stirred by a hand paddle for hours until it reaches just the right thickness. We keep stirring until the paddle stands up in the stew pot on its own. We aim to have the stew ready to sell around noon. Each batch of stew is different for cooking times and this is why we say it will be ready around noon; sometimes a little before and sometimes a little afternoon. Once ready, we offer our stew by the bowl with cornbread, or by the quart. A bowl sells for $3.50, and a quart sells for $8. We accept cash, check, and major debit/credit cards.

We often sell out early, and we want everyone to enjoy our tasty stew. We encourage preorders for Brunswick stew by calling 540.377.2848. For more information about our Brunswick stew and other events, please visit

We sell Brunswick stew during our Indoor Market. Each month on the second Saturday we host an indoor flea market style event where everyone from the community is welcomed to come to sell their items in a yard sale/flea market setting. While we do not charge a set fee to come to sell your items, we do welcome cash donations of any amount to the rescue squad. Admission and parking are always free. We serve breakfast and lunch at each event.

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