PACT and Artists in Cahoots

When you visit Lexington, Buena Vista and Rockbridge County, you’ll meet people who are working together to make your visit safer while still preserving the spirit of hospitality, welcome, and discovery.

PACT – Protecting All Citizens and Travelers is a series of protocols and best practices adopted by hospitality businesses who display the logo. They are following recommended health guidelines and implementing industry-specific protocols related to curbing COVID-19. PACT is a commitment to deliver a consistent, dependable, and sustained level of safety and service to our visitors as well as our citizens.

You can’t mask our enthusiasm!

Artists in Cahoots has been in business for 35 years as a partnership of artists. Partners have changed throughout the years, but the baseline interest remains to showcase and sell the work of local artists Artists in Cahoots showcases local artists. It is one of many unique shopping experiences you can enjoy in Rockbridge County.

Gail MacLeod, Artist, Artists in Cahoots

We talked to Gail MacLeod about what she likes about her work and the community.

What do you love most about Rockbridge County?
I like the friendliness of the people and beauty of the area.

What is your favorite moment of customer interaction?
When they share how a particular piece of art has special heartfelt meaning to them.

Why do you think Rockbridge County makes a great destination for a visit/vacation?
The calm, relaxing fun. Visitors can get away from the traffic, hassles and stress.

Artists in Cahoots is a member of PACT – Protecting All Citizen and Travelers. Gail says the friendliness and beauty of Rockbridge County inspires artists who create beautiful, original works just for you. In Lexington, we love it when you visit, and you can see it in our eyes.

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